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Jonathan Perera

Jonathan Perera

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Is of Portuguese descent. Trained as a corporate lawyer but ended up teaching English in China and South Korea. Started screenwriting when he was 30-years-old while living in Asia. "Miss Sloane (2016)" was the first screenplay writer Jonathan Perera has ever written. It was produced two years after he finished it. His "Miss Sloane (2016)" script was discovered from a query letter by the writer's manager in Spring 2014, and further developed and exposed to the market in early 2015. The screenwriter was living in Asia at the time and was attempting to solicit industry reps over the Internet. In less than one year, the spec script was acquired, attracted an Oscar-nominated director and actress, procured financing and distribution, and was put on a progress-to-production track. He was the only writer to work his script for "Miss Sloane (2016)". This is a rarity in the movie industry...

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Jonathan Perera: MISS SLOANE fragman Jonathan Perera: MISS SLOANE
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Jonathan Perera: MISS SLOANE clip "Miss Sloane" screenwriter Jonathan Perera dishes taking on the gun lobby with Jessica Chastain
SPOILER ALERT: The following interview contains spoilers for the film "Miss Sloane") Screenwriter Jonathan Perera chats with Gold Derby editor Zach Laws ...

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