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Gareth Edwards

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Gareth Edwards

  • Nuneaton, United Kingdom

Gareth Edwards Biography

​British film director Gareth Edwards is best known for directing the 2010 indie motion picture Monsters. Although, Monsters was Gareth’s first feature film, it was not his first time working in the film industry. Gareth began his career in special effects, creating digital effects for prestigious shows such as Attila the Hun for which he won international recognition. Determined to pursue his dreams, he entered SCI-FI-London the Film Challenge 48 where he had to make a movie with 1 actor, two days, and the smallest number of elements. He won the contest and the opportunity to direct his first feature film, Monsters...

Gareth Edwards Information

Nuneaton, United Kingdom
Place of birth

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Currently in post-production on his third feature film, the much anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (watch the newly-released trailer here), Gareth ...
Film Keynote: Gareth Edwards — SXSW 2017 clip Director Gareth Edwards on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Gareth reveals what a Star Wars nerd he is, talks about Darth Vader being in the movie and tells us whether or not there will be a sequel. Tom Holland Debuts ...

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